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Employee interview: Tamara Strathmann

 Employee interview: Tamara Strathmann

Posted on 27 February 2023

 "My personally perfect working day is when I've accomplished everything I set out to do!"


Name: Tamara Strathmann
Position: Key Account Representative
Branch: WKK Germany


Over 20 years at WKK, congratulations! How did you come to WKK?

My classmate at the time told me that a friend, who was also working at WKK at the time, told her that an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk was available at WKK. Since this was not for her, she recommended this position to me. I then applied to WKK and got an apprenticeship contract. And now, in August 2022, I celebrated my 20th anniversary.


In your opinion, what were the decisive steps and stages at WKK?

Moving from Mönchengladbach to Nettetal in 2004 was a good and successful step. In April 2004 we moved into a much larger building with greater storage capacity. Strategically, this was an important step for us.


WKK organizes a weekend trip every year. Which excursion did you like best so far?

Oh, a difficult question, because the weekends are always very nice and lovingly organized by Jolanda Willems. However, I have very good memories of Paris, Lisbon and Prague.


WKK has seven different product categories. Which do you find most interesting?

I can clearly answer this question with heat shrink tubing products. Preferably in the area of the private label.


What is special about WKK?

Above all, there is the working atmosphere, the nice colleagues and the team spirit. There is also a good work-life balance at WKK.


What does your perfect working day look like?

My personally perfect working day is when I have accomplished everything I set out to do!

I'm usually very good at that and that's why I like going to work.