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Cable glands

Cable glands

Are you looking for cable glands? WKK supplies high-quality cable glands from one of the largest cable gland specialists in the world: Jacob. Our standard range consists of plastic and metal cable glands (brass and stainless steel). These products are available in the thread types metric and Pg. We also offer cable gland accessories and special versions of cable glands, such as Ex and EMC.

What is a cable gland?

A cable gland is a special type of cable entry. It is a product for safely feeding cables through a wall, cabinet system or junction box as protection against continuous rubbing/abrasion and to prevent liquids and gases from leaking along the cable. Therefore, the product is used to attach and secure the end of electrical cables to an intended device or end point.

Why cable glands?

Any opening through which cables run is a weak spot. Damage to your cables, equipment and even short circuits are risks you want to prevent. A cable gland is the solution to achieve protection against external influences. The product ensures a safe and complete seal.

A cable gland guarantees, among other things, grounding, bonding, insulation and strain relief. The main purpose of a cable gland is to ensure a safe seal, which guarantees the protection of electrical equipment and housings.

Protective properties of cable glands

The choice for the correct type of cable gland depends on the application. It is important that you take into account the following protective properties:

  • Protection against various environmental influences. Does the product have to be resistant to water and moisture, UV radiation, dust, et cetera? If you work in an environment with a risk of explosion, you choose the special Ex version.
  • Protection against chemicals, such as: liquids, acids, salts, bases, chlorides, etc. Chemical resistance may be necessary due to environmental influences, but also due to the use of certain maintenance products.
  • Mechanical protection, if there is voltage on the cables. A big advantage of cable glands is the robustness of the product. Also, it is important to determine in advance whether the cables should be able to move. In other words: is there static or dynamic tensile stress?
  • Thermal protection, such as operating temperature (heat resistance) and product lifetime.
  • Electromagnetic protection to prevent malfunctions in situations with multiple electronic components. EMC versions (electromagnetic compatibility) are used in these situations.

Choose the right material quality

The WKK cable gland assortment consists of the materials plastic and metal (brass and stainless steel). The plastic cable glands are available in the material quality Polyamide 6. The metal cable glands are available in nickel-plated brass and stainless steel 1.4305.

For standard applications without extreme weather influences, choose plastic cable glands. If there are significant weather conditions, you probably need nickel-plated brass. If there is a high degree of chemical substances, corrosion or exposure to salt, stainless steel is often the right choice. Not sure which cable gland is best for your intended application(s)? Then contact our specialists. They will be happy to help with selecting the correct cable gland.

Thread types: metric and Pg

WKK offers the cable gland thread types metric and Pg. The universal standard in the market is metric. The pitch is always 1.5 mm, regardless of the size of the cable gland. Further more, the product has a top angle of 60 degrees.

Pg has a varying pitch length. This depends on the size of the cable gland. Pg is the old German industry standard and has a top angle of 80 degrees.

Quality: high safety requirements and standards

WKK sells cable glands that meet high safety requirements and standards. Our products are widely used in production and sensitive environments, this is crucial for professionals and buyers. Our products have an IP code (protection grade), EN and UL standard. So you know exactly what to expect per product.

Cable gland connecting threads

Are you looking for a special connecting thread and/or size? Or do you want to buy a complete range? WKK supplies many sizes per type of cable gland in the thread types metric and Pg. We supply the commonly used sizes M16, M20, M25 and Pg9, Pg11, Pg13.5. In addition, special sizes are also supplied. The size differences are based on the clamping range.

Cable gland accessories

In addition to cable glands, WKK also supplies accessories for cable glands. You can think of, among other things, locknuts, screw plugs, enlargers, reducers, elbow cable glands, venting elements, sealing inserts, blanking plugs, O-rings and sealing grommets. These accessories ensure an extensive range of complementary products for your cable glands. As a result, you are guaranteed to find the products you are looking for.

The German brand Jacob

Jacob is one of the largest and most reliable cable gland specialists in the world. All Jacob cable glands are of high quality and guarantee a safe cable entry.

Complete partner

As an experienced supplier in the field of cable glands, WKK is a complete partner. Our helpful advisers do not only help you with selecting the correct products, but also provide many additional services. Do you temporarily have no stock space? No problem, we are happy to take care of your call orders. Or do you want to try one of our products for free? Then, request a sample.

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