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5 reasons why you should buy heat shrink tubing assortment boxes

5 reasons why you should buy heat shrink tubing assortment boxes

Posted on 18 May 2021

There are so many different applications of heat shrink tubing, but the product is often used for the assembly, protection or repair of cables, tubes or other objects. As a specialist in fixation materials, we know that not all of our clients use large reels of the product. In some cases, a variety of small pieces in different sizes can be the perfect solution for your application. Find out the most popular reasons why you should buy heat shrink tubing assortment boxes.

1. You can easily purchase different colors of tubing

If you use heat shrink tubing to label or organize your work in a certain way, different colors could come in handy. If you buy assortment boxes, it's not necessary to get large reels of the colors that you need.

2. It's easy to have an assortment box at your installation location

If you work as an electrical installer for example, a box at your installation location is ideal. Our assortment boxes contain different sizes, ensuring that you always have the right size within reach.

3. An assortment box can help to save time and space

A small assortment box is like a small stock. These assortment boxes for defined demands can therefore help you to save time and space for other products that you might need to have in stock.

4. It's a great product to resell to small end users

The mixed colors box in particular can be sold for both professional or domestic use. So if you are a reseller, these boxes are ideal for your small end users.

5. For a limited time, WKK offers a quantity discount on assortment boxes

WKK now offers an attractive price for the small and large sets: 10% discount on 25 boxes, 12,5% on 50 boxes and 15% discount on 100 boxes.

Order directly online at WKK:

1. Go to https://www.wkk-europe.com/nl_en/heat-shrinkable-products/all-heat-shrinkable-products-and-accessories/heat-shrink-tubing-assortments-and-displays.html
2. Add the assortment boxes to your quote
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