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How do you use bootlace ferrules?

How do you use bootlace ferrules?

Posted on 28 May 2021

Bootlace ferrules are copper tubes that are often used for creating a reliable electrical connection, at the end of electrical wires. Bootlace ferrules are available in a lot of types and sizes, and are used for a broad range of applications. But how do you use them correctly? Read it in this blog!

Different types of bootlace ferrules
There are two types of bootlace ferrules: insulated bootlace ferrules and uninsulated bootlace ferrules. Insulated bootlace ferrules are easily recognized by their coloured insulation sleeve. Uninsulated bootlace ferrules do not have a sleeve.

Insulated bootlace ferrules are available in two versions: a singular version, and a ‘TWIN’ version. Singular bootlace ferrules are suited for use with one cable end. In situations where you want to bundle two cable ends in one bootlace ferrule, we recommend using a ‘TWIN’ bootlace ferrule.

What are bootlace ferrules used for?
Bootlace ferrules are used to create an optimal electrical contact between copper wires of a stripped cable in the core of the bootlace ferrule on one side, and the clamp that is attached to the bootlace ferrule on the other side. Bootlace ferrules are used for situations in which a cable reaches an end, an electrical installation for example. When the loose wires of a stripped cable are not bundled and protected using a bootlace ferrule, there is a possibility that the copper wires are damaged.

How do you use bootlace ferrules?
Bootlace ferrules are very easy in use. By following the steps below, you are guaranteed of the correct use and functioning of your bootlace ferrules:

  1. Strip the end of the cable, so that the loose copper wires are visible. Do not twist these wires. This can damage them.
  2. Slide the copper wires into the bootlace ferrule, up to the point where they almost stick out on the other side.
  3. Use a crimping tool to crimp the bootlace ferrule, so that the bootlace ferrule fits tightly around the copper wires. When using an insulated bootlace ferrule, make sure to crimp the tin part of the bootlace ferrules, not the coloured part.
  4. The bootlace ferrule is ready for use!

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