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Keeping our stock of cable ties up to the desired level is the biggest challenge at the moment!

Keeping our stock of cable ties up to the desired level is the biggest challenge at the moment!

Posted on 30 March 2021

You may have noticed that, just like in 2018, there are major shortages of Nylon PA66, which is required for the production of our cable ties. The reason for this is the “Force Majeure” announced by the producers of this material (Ascend, Invista, Dupont, etc.) for the components Acrylonitrile (AN) and Hexamethylenediamine (HMD), which are required to produce Nylon PA66.

As a result, European cable tie manufacturers and our Asian partners currently receive no or very few raw materials. The consequence of this is that there is a worldwide battle for raw materials, whereby greatly increased prices are no longer the topic of discussion. The primary goal is to get raw materials supplied at all. I therefore expect that worldwide, in the short term, there will be a significant shortage of cable ties.

WKK does everything it can to ensure that the raw materials that are available, are used to manufacture our cable ties. Thanks to our many years of expertise in Asia, we are still able to buy large numbers of containers with cable ties. The current market situation will have an effect on delivery times and price levels.

Nevertheless, we continue to consciously choose to use Nylon PA66. Only by using this raw material, we can guarantee the quality cable ties that you expect from us. WKK deliberately does not use other materials (such as PA6), because choosing for these other materials would mean that we can no longer guarantee the quality of our cable ties.

Finally, I expect that the current situation will continue to bother us for some time. The most important thing for WKK right now is to do everything we can to keep our stock of cable ties up to the desired level, so we can continue to provide you with the best possible service.

Gerald Ploeg
Group Managing Director WKK
March 30, 2021