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Meet our Marketing & Communications Manager: Roxanne Willems

Meet our Marketing & Communications Manager: Roxanne Willems

Posted on 19 November 2021

"After 10 years in marketing & communications, I had the feeling that I could contribute to the ambitious plans of WKK."

Name: Roxanne Willems
Position: Group Marketing & Communication Manager
Branch: WKK Nederland

In three sentences: What is your job at WKK?

As marketing & communications manager for the WKK Group, I am responsible for initiating and coordinating activities that increase our market share and improve our position in the market. It’s the job of the marketing team to attract the right new customers, improve the (online) customer experience and to maintain our loyal customer base. I do this with a strategic focus, a creative mindset and a lot of enthusiasm!

Why did you choose WKK as company?

WKK has been part of my life ever since I was born. My father, Edward Willems, co-founded the company over 35 years ago. I’ve always been really proud of the way he approached entrepreneurship and has been able to grow WKK into an international company with over a 100 employees. After 10 years in marketing, communication and project management, it felt like I could really contribute to the ambitious plans of WKK and be part of the company.

WKK is a cross-border company. Do you already have experience working with colleagues from different countries?

Yes definitely. WKK has offices in Italy, Germany, Poland and a head office in the Netherlands. Some marketing activities are handled locally, but most of the marketing initiatives and communication materials are done by the marketing team. I really like working together with colleagues from other countries. They have their own challenges and idea’s, and it’s my job to support them.   

WKK wants to become the biggest supplier of cable ties and heat shrink tubing in Europe. How do you think you can contribute? 

I believe I am a creative and result driven person. I will always ask myself (and my colleagues): what is it you want to achieve? If this is in line with our ambitions; great! If it is not, we need to put it in the freezer. I think I can set clear objectives for my team which allows them to get creative and come up with great initiatives to contribute to our growth. 

Where did you go to school?

I went to the University of Amsterdam where I got my Master of Science in Communication.

How do you maintain your good work-life balance?

With a 6 month old (very cute) baby at home, finding a work-life balance is quite a challenge. I work hard during the day and when I go home I really try to close off work and be with my family. But when there is an urgent matter that needs my attention, I’m always willing to work outside office hours. WKK takes good care of their employees, so I do my best to in return.