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Polypropylene Cable Ties | When do you use them? | WKK

Polypropylene cable ties – When do you use them? – All properties

Posted on 20 July 2021

Most plastic cable ties are made of polyamide 6.6: a type of material with good properties when it comes to tensile strenght, price/quality and sustainability. Still, there are situations in which polyamide 6.6 does not meet the requirements; in environments where the cable tie could be exposed to chemicals for example, or situations in which the cable tie could be exposed to radiation. One of the alternatives for cable ties made of polyamide 6.6 are cable ties made of polypropylene.

Properties of polypropylene cable ties

The most important property of polypropylene cable ties, as compared to polyamide 6.6 cable ties, is the resistance to chemicals. Due to this resistance to multiple chemical solvents, such as acids, polypropylene cable ties are often used in the chemical industry. Polypropylene also prevents bacterial growth, making cable ties made of polypropylene suited for the medical industry.

In addition, polypropylene floats on liquids. This can be of added value in, for example, production processes in which big barrels or tanks are used. Should a cable tie then be damaged and fall into a barrel, the contamination can easily be discovered and the cable tie removed.

Polypropylene cable ties are resistant to temperatures of up to +85 °C.

When are polypropylene cable ties used?

As mentioned before, polyprolylene cable ties are suited for environments in which chemicals are used, but they are also suitable for use in situations in which the fact that these cable ties float on liquids is of added value.

WKK offers cable ties made of polypropylene of the brands WKK and Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap®. In addition to regular polypropylene cable ties, we also offer black cable ties made of polypropylene. These cable ties are resistant to UV radiation. Finally, we also offer cable ties made of polypropylene mixed with metal pigments. These cable ties are blue and can, due to the colour and the metal pigments, easily be detected. They are therefore perfect for use in the food industry. Read our full blog about detectable cable ties here.

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