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Self-amalgamating tapes – Properties & use

Self-amalgamating tapes – Properties & use

Posted on 23 April 2021

For the fixation / application / insulation / mounting and protection of cables, in addition to cable ties, heat shrink tubing and spiral wrapping band, one can also choose to use tape. For this reason, WKK offers a number of tapes, including duct tape, PVC tape, double sided foam tape and self-amalgamating tape.

In this blog, we will focus on self-amalgamating tape. For which applications is this tape used? Which properties does this type of tape have? Read it in this blog!

What is self-amalgamating tape?
Self-amalgamating tape is special, black tape with excellent resistance against moisture and dirt. Self-amalgamating tape is often used for repairing leakages and insulating electrical wiring. When the tape is wrapped around objects, it becomes self-adhesive. Reparation and insulation of electrical wiring is therefore even possible in moist environments. This tape is also used to close off open cable ends.

Properties of self-amalgamating tape
A special property of self-amalgamating tape is the fact that this tape, in contrast to regular tapes, does not contain adhesive / adhesive lining. When applying the tape, it should be stretched to about twice its original length and, when then wrapped around a cable for example, should overlap itself by about 50%. By doing so, the tape becomes self-adhesive. An hour after applying the tape, a watertight, seamless seal is created. Due to the lack of adhesive, self-amalgamating tape can be removed without glue residue.

Self-amalgamating tape works well on moist, uneven and dirty surfaces and is UV- and weather resistant (it can even be used underwater), making it a true all-rounder. Self-amalgamating tape is resistant to temperatures of up to +90 °C.

Applications of self-amalgamating tape
Due to its wide range of properties, self-amalgamating tape can be used for a wide range of applications, including the sealing / repair of leaking tubes, insulating electrical wiring and components and for closing off cable-ends.

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