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When do you choose which type of cable gland?

When do you choose which type of cable gland?

Posted on 8 June 2021

Plastic versus Brass versus Stainless Steel versus EMC versus EX

Cable glands are an important part of you electrical installation: they guarantee a strong and reliable feed through of you cables and protect you installation from outside influences. The most important properties of cable glands summed up:

Protecting your electrical installation against outside influences, such as dust and moisture
Where a cable enters you installation, is where your installation is at its most vulnerable: it creates an opening, through which moisture and dust can enter. A cable gland seals this opening.

Offering strain relief
When a form of strain is brought onto a cable (‘mechanical’ strain or tension – due to the cable being pulled, for example), the cable can come loose from the installation, which may lead to the installation no longer functioning properly. A cable gland offers strain relief, ensuring that the strain / tension is not put onto the cable.

Different (material) types

Cable glands are available in multiple types and out of multiple materials. But when do you choose which material type? The following five cable gland types will be highlighted in this blog:

  • Plastic cable glands
  • Plastic Ex cable glands
  • Brass cable glands
  • Brass EMC cable glands
  • Stainless steel cable glands


Plastic Cable Glands
Plastic cable glands are the most ‘basic’ type of cable glands in our assortment. Cable glands made of plastic are used for universal purposes, in situations where there are no extreme conditions affecting the cable gland, and where no exceptional properties are required. Plastic cable glands offer enough sealing capabilities for most universal applications.

Plastic cable glands are available in three colours (light grey, silver grey and black) and in thread lengths ranging from 8 up to 18 millimetres.

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Plastic Ex Cable Glands
Due to the different EC and IECEx certifications this cable gland complies with, this type of cable gland is certified for use in environments where there is a risk of explosions.

All of our Plastic Ex cable glands and the certifications that they meet can be found here

Brass Cable Glands
Brass cable glands are made of galvanic nickel-plated brass. Therefore, they are stronger than plastic cable glands and offer a higher resistance against corrosion and different types of strain- and mechanical burdening. They are, however, not as strong as stainless steel cable glands. They are perfect for applications in which the cable gland is exposed to different types of environmental influences, in which a plastic cable gland would not be sufficient.

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Brass EMC Cable Glands
These brass cable glands are also made of galvanic nickel-plated brass but, in addition, meet the EMC standard. EMC is an abbreviation of electromagnetic compatibility. This means that this cable gland limits the level in which electrical components within an electrical installation have an influence on each other. Different electrical devices have an influence on each other (which can lead to malfunctioning). The EMC guideline limits electromagnetic emissions to prevent this.

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Stainless Steel Cable Glands
Stainless steel cable glands are, not surprisingly, made of stainless steel, guaranteeing a long lifetime. They are even more resistant to corrosion than cable glands made of plastic or brass. This make them exceptionally suited for the heaviest of applications, with the exception of environments where there is a risk of explosions; then always use Ex certified cable glands.

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Curious which cable gland is best suited for your application? Contact us through sales@wkk-europe.com or call us at +31 13 571 21 71!