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When do you use cable glands with a spiral top?

When do you use cable glands with a spiral top?

Posted on 16 November 2021

Cable glands are available in a broad range of types and sizes: for different applications, made of different materials and produced in different colours. For example, we offer cable glands made of plastic, brass and stainless steel, and in the colours white, gray and black. Outside of the colour, these cable glands often look similarly. However, there is one odd man out: cable glands with spiral top. Why do these cable glands have a spiral top? And for which purposes are these cable glands used? Read it here!

Cable glands - Applications
Cable glands are a type of cable feed-through, which make sure that a cable can be guided through the wall of, for example, a junction box safely. The cable gland protects the cable from damage from friction and prevents liquids and gasses from entering the junction box along the cable. In addition, cable glands offer strain relief: when the cable is pulled, the strain is captured by the cable gland. This decreases the chances of the cable coming loose. Cable glands are therefore often used to secure cables when they are attached to installtions.

When do you use cable glands with a spiral top?
Cable glands with spiral top are mainly used in situations where there is a possibility that the cable which is being secured moves a lot. With a normal cable gland, the cable could be damaged by the movement. However, a cable gland with spiral top moves with the cable, ensuring that the cable can move, but that the cable cannot move into an angle which would damage the cable.

Cable glands with a spiral top are available in four connecting threads:

- M12x1,5
- M16x1,5
- M20x1,5
- M25x1,5

Each connecting thread is suited for cables with a different cable diameter. Which connecting thread sizes corresponds with which cable diameter, can be found here. The length of the thread varies between 8 mm and 15 mm – the length of the cable gland with spiral top itself varies from 63,5 mm to 132,5 mm. Spiral top cable glands are available in three colours: Light gray, silver gray and black.

View our full range of cable glands with a spiral top here.