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Which cable gland to choose for your application?

Which cable gland to choose for your application?

Posted on 7 July 2021

The choice of a cable gland depends on several factors. In our assortment you will find both plastic and metal cable glands and you can choose from well-known thread types. Does your application require a special design? We can help you with that too. As a specialist in fasteners, we are happy to take you along in the considerations that need to be made. Which gland do you choose for your application?


The choice of a cable gland has everything to do with the diameter of the cabling. For a standard application within a home, 20mm or 25mm will be the correct size due to the lead-through of the cables. For other applications it is important to measure the diameter and to choose from a variation between 3mm and 48mm.

Thread type

Metric or Pg? When it comes to threads, the same standards don't apply everywhere. Metric screw thread is the standard in the Netherlands and many other countries. In Germany, however, Pg is the old German industry standard. Different rules may also apply per sector, so be aware of the laws and regulations.

Thread length

In addition to the thread type, different variants are also possible with regard to the length of the thread. This choice may depend on the type of box used or the preference of the installer. After all, a longer screw thread can be tightened better.


For many standard applications you can choose plastic cable glands. However, external factors are also important in the choice of material for the cable gland. If the electrical box is outside and is exposed to wind and rain then a metal variant is the right choice. The same applies to applications in high temperatures, such as in a steel mill. For applications with a risk of explosion, you choose the special Ex version and stainless steel is often the right choice for high levels of chemical substances.

As an experienced supplier in the field of cable glands, WKK is a complete partner. View our range of cable glands and accessories from the German manufacturer Jacob. You can place your order directly or request a quote. Need advice? Please feel free to contact one of our advisors via +31 13 571 21 71 or sales@wkk-europe.com.