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Bootlace ferrules

Bootlace ferrules

Bootlace ferrules are copper tubes with or without an insulating end sleeve that is attached over the stripped end of an electrical wire. Our bootlace ferrules are available in an insulated and uninsulated version. The polypropylene insulation sleeve makes the bootlace ferrules easy to install and adds extra protection. The products are regularly used with terminal strips, such as an automatic circuit breaker. WKK also sells bootlace ferrule assortment boxes and a crimping tool.

What are bootlace ferrules?

A bootlace ferrule consists of a small tinned copper tube with or without an insulating sleeve made of polypropylene. The product is placed around a cable end and crimped. A bootlace ferrule serves the following purposes:

  • A reliable electrical connection; all wire strands conduct current (optimum electrical contact between all copper wires in the core and the terminal where the end is attached)
  • No unravelling of wire strands. This is especially crucial for small wires or for wires where the housing is regularly removed
  • No spreading of the wire strands after a wire has been clamped in a terminal block or other part
  • No breaks in the wire strands in case of bending or tension
  • No unwanted contacts in the terminal, which prevents short circuits
  • Simple wire feed, especially for wires with a relatively small thickness (for example, 26 to 18 AWG)

A bootlace ferrule is not the same as a crimp terminal. Crimp terminals connect cables, in a safe way, to other cables or devices to create an electrical connection between certain cable ends. Bootlace ferrules are used for cables that reach one end (think of terminal strips). Therefore, a bootlace ferrule is suitable for optimal electrical contact around applications where open-wire strands can cause problems.

Bootlace ferrules are used in, for example, switch boxes, screw and spring terminals, control units, function units or row and terminal connectors.

How do bootlace ferrules work?

A bootlace ferrule is placed over the end of a stripped cable. Subsequently, with the help of a bootlace ferrule crimping tool (with the correct settings) the sleeve is crimped to the cable. The crimping tool causes the tube to shrink. Afterwards you can mount the end product on, for example, a screw or spring clamp.

With and without insulation sleeve

WKK supplies uninsulated and insulated bootlace ferrules. Insulated bootlace ferrules contain an insulating sleeve made of polypropylene. The sleeve has several advantages, including that the cable end can be easily inserted. Also, the sleeve can provide extra insulation for live parts of an endpoint (clamp) to which the conductor is attached.

The decision for either insulated or uninsulated bootlace ferrules depends on your specific application. If you are not sure which type is suitable for your application(s), please contact one of our advisers. We are happy to assist you.

You choose twin bootlace ferrules when you are dealing with two cable ends that you want to crimp into one ferrule. Twin ferrules contain an insulation sleeve and are therefore insulated.

Dimensions, quality and colors

Bootlace ferrules are available in many sizes. The sizes correspond to certain colors within the assortment of insulated bootlace ferrules. WKK has bootlace ferrules from 26 AWG (0,14 mm2) to 1 AWG (50 mm2).

WKK attaches great importance to the quality of its products. That is why our bootlace ferrules meet the DIN 46228/1 or DIN 46228/4 standards.

Bootlace ferrule crimping tool and assortments

WKK supplies a crimping tool for bootlace ferrules and various assortments. The crimping tool is suitable for both uninsulated and insulated end sleeves from 0.5 to 2.5 mm2. Two assortment boxes are offered: 400 and 900 pieces.

Personal Advice

Do you need personal advice? Or do you have other questions? Then contact our advisers. We are happy to help you with selecting the right products.

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