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Crimp tools for crimp terminals

Crimp tools for terminals ensure a safe and reliable electrical connection between a cable, via the crimp terminal, and a device. A crimp terminal is therefore a conductive product that acts as a safe connector between the cable and the device. You can use our crimp tools for insulated terminals from 0.5 - 6.0 mm². WKK supplies crimp tools with and without release when the correct pressure is reached.

How to use a crimp tool for terminals

Before you start crimping, it is important to ensure that you use the crimp tool for the correct items. Not all crimp terminals are compatible with a crimp tool. Also, it is important to make sure that the components are clean. Before mounting, always clean the conductors thoroughly using a brush. This way, you minimize the risk of contact corrosion.

The mounting or crimping of the terminal on the wire works as follows:

  • Strip the cable about 7 mm. Use a good stripper for a smooth process. Make sure you do not damage the wire. Do not twist the released wires around each other.
  • After stripping you can mount the terminal on the wire. Make sure to insert the wires deep into the sleeve.
  • Now use the crimp tool to achieve the required crimping. The crimping ensures that the terminal is securely attached to the wire. Depending on the color of the terminal, you can place the tool in the correct colour.
  • Check whether the crimping has been successful (the terminal fits well around the wire and is firmly attached to the wire). If necessary, repeat the crimping with the tool.
  • Ready! You can now use the product for your intended application.

Order crimp terminals at WKK?

Do you also need crimp terminals? WKK supplies a wide range with various types and sizes of crimp terminals.

Other accessories

In addition to crimp tools, we also sell assortments with terminals, fuseholders and quick splice connectors. This ensures a full range of options while purchasing accessories for crimp terminals.

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