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Stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties are ideal for extreme applications. You can think of situations that require a very high tensile strength, high heat resistance and/or excellent corrosion resistance. In these situations a long product lifetime of the zip ties is required. Steel cable ties are therefore often used in the shipbuilding, offshore, aircraft construction, railway construction, mining, (petro)chemical and food industry.

Stainless steel zip ties: the different stainless steel material qualities

WKK supplies stainless steel zip ties in two different stainless steel qualities: AISI 304 and AISI 316L. Which stainless steel quality you need depends on the intended application. Below you can read the differences between the two stainless steel material qualities:

AISI 304
AISI 304 is the workhorse among stainless steel: this quality is the most used of all stainless steel material qualities and often finds its way into everyday use. The alloy has favorable properties due to good corrosion resistance and excellent formability as well as very good weldability.

The 304 quality has excellent corrosion resistance but is sensitive to chlorides and acids. In general, AISI 304 is mainly used for indoor applications. In some cases AISI 304 can also be used for outdoor applications, however aggressive environments must be taken into account. If excellent corrosion resistance is required (due to weather influences / acid / salt / industry), AISI 316L offers a good solution. This material quality is more resistant to chlorides, acids and seawater.

Available with and without coating

WKK supplies metal cable ties with and without a polyester coating. This coating is necessary when excellent protection of cables is required and is necessary to prevent injuries to the installer's hands.

Tie closures and types

All types of stainless steel cable ties are available with a ball-lock closure. The ball-lock is a strong and simple locking mechanism that is easy to use. This makes it the perfect closure for stainless steel cable ties, where reliability and durability are crucial.

Other cable tie material options

In addition to stainless steel cable ties, WKK also supplies plastic cable ties and detectable cable ties. Plastic cable ties are suitable for many standard and semi-advanced applications. Depending on the material quality you choose, you have the option to increase the heat and chemical resistance by choosing a different cable tie type. You can also choose from several closures, such as releasable cable ties, and types. Detectable cable ties are used in situations where food safety must be guaranteed in the production process.

Accessories for stainless steel cable ties

WKK offers two ergonomic, high-quality cable tie guns for stainless steel cable ties. We also supply cable tie mounts, wall plugs and storage racks. These are, however, only suitable for plastic cable ties.

Want to know more about our zip ties?

As the largest importer and distributor in Europe, WKK has gained a lot of experience in the field of zip ties. As a result, we are familiar with the requirements and questions of many industries. Are you looking for zip ties? And do you not know exactly which zip tie is suitable for your intended application? Then contact one of our advisers. We are happy to help you.

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