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Fixation clips

Fixation clips

Fixation clips offer you a reliable solution for fixation and guidance of cables in vehicles and on profiles. WKK provides high-quality fixation clips developed by our subsidiary WKK Automotive. We supply edge clips (also for corrugated tubing), clips with fir tree or with arrowhead and solar clips. The products are available, with and without cable ties, for various profile thicknesses and hole diameters.

Own production and quality

Our subsidiary WKK Automotive has its own production facility for the development and production of high-quality fixation clips. The clips are made of plastic (polyamide 6.6: heat, weather and impact resistant). You can expect the products to have good impact resistance, heat resistance and tensile strength (if cable ties are supplied). If desired, you can also have custom made clips, developed by us, that meet your specific requirements.

WKK supplies the following fixation clips:

  • Edge clips
  • Edge clips for corrugated tubing
  • Clips with fir tree or with arrowhead
  • Solar clips

Edge clips with cable ties and/or corrugated tubing

An edge clip is a small plastic fixation clip with a metal clamp, which you can mount on a plastic or metal profile. The product is often used in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, you can use the product wherever you have to deal with cables or corrugated tubing that you want to attach and guide along profiles in an easy way.

The main advantages of edge clips are ease of use (no drilling, welding or gluing needed) and the robustness of the product.

WKK also supplies, if required, the complementary cable ties and corrugated tubing.

Clips with fir tree or with arrowhead

In addition to edge clips, we also have a wide range of clips with fir tree or with arrowhead. These fixation clips are specially designed for mounting of the clip in a drill hole.

Solar clips

Are you looking for mounting clips for applications in the solar industry? WKK has various high-quality solar clips. These fixation clips are often used with cable ties, corrugated tubing and/or cables.

Many sizes available from stock

Our mounting clips are available for various profile thicknesses and hole diameters. The size range is determined, so you will almost certainly find a clip that is suitable for your intended application.

Discover the possibilities

Would you like to know more about our fixation clips? Then contact one of our advisers and discover the possibilities. We are happy to help you with selecting the right products for your application(s).

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  1. A black KC1 'edge clip' fixation clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Edge clips

    Starting at € 50.11 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  2. A black KC22 edge clip for corrugated tubing with the plastic clip in right angle on top of the clip, on a white background. The plastic clip has been opened.
    WKK - Edge clips for corrugated tubing

    Starting at € 43.98 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  3. Twee zwarte LFC 6 clips met spreidanker, waarvan één met een kabel door de clip gevoerd, op een witte achtergrond.
    WKK - Clips with fir tree & with arrowhead

    Starting at € 17.18 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  4. A black SC1 solar clip on a white background.
    WKK - Solar clips

    Starting at € 88.31 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

4 products

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