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All cable tie accessories

In addition to a broad assortment of cable ties, WKK also offers cable tie accessories. These accessories can be divided in four categories:

  • Mounts
  • Wall plugs
  • Storage racks
  • Cable tie tools

Cable tie mounts
Self adhesive cable tie mounts and saddle tie mounts with screw mount enable you to use cable ties on a flat surface, without having to drill a hole in the surface. Available in black and natural.

Wall plugs

Wall plugs can easily be attached to a wall, they same way one would do with regular wall plugs. Through the head of the wall plug, a cable tie can be guided to guide cable bundles along a wall.

Storage racks

Our cable tie storage racks can be delivered both with and without cable ties. With these cable tie storage racks, an assortment of cable ties can easily be displayed in a store or showroom.

Cable tie tools

A cable tie tools makes securing and cutting a cable tie easier, faster and ensures a perfect, reliable application. The tool makes sure that the cable tie is attached at the right strength, and cuts the loose end of the cable tie.

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