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Uninsulated crimp terminals

Are you looking for uninsulated crimp terminals? Uninsulated crimp terminals are copper connectors which are used to connect a cable to a flat connector, usually a copper conductor. Uninsulated crimp terminals are used when there is no danger of someone touching the connection unintentionally. Further, the product is not suitable for narrow spaces or locations where many cables are connected because of the high risk of a short circuit. Within the range of crimp terminals, the uninsulated variant is the most inexpensive option, because it contains no insulation and therefore consists of only one piece.

Material of the connector

The connector is made of copper. The advantage of copper is that it has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Moreover, the service life of the material is excellent. However, it is more sensitive to corrosion than brass.

Examples of uninsulated crimp terminals are copper tube crimping terminals - uninsulated - with inspection hole and uninsulated terminals in accordance with DIN 46234.


You can crimp or solder uninsulated crimp terminals to a cable. If desired, you can also insulate an uninsulated variant by using heat shrink tubing. WKK supplies an extensive range of heat shrink tubing, which also gives you the option to insulate completely watertight.

Other crimp terminal types

In addition to uninsulated crimp terminals, WKK also sells insulated crimp terminals. You can think of, among others, ring, spade and pin crimp terminal shapes. Moreover, we also supply various bullet disconnectors, spade connectors, blade connectors, butt connectors and solder butt connectors.

Crimp terminal accessories

WKK supplies various crimp tools for crimp terminals. However, they are only suitable for insulated crimp terminals of 0.5 - 6.0 mm². We also supply two crimp terminal assortments: an assortment of crimp terminals with crimping tool (261 pieces) and an assortment heat shrink crimp terminals (110 pieces). Finally, you can also contact us for quick splice connectors and fuseholders.

Contact WKK

Would you like to know more about our products? Or do you have questions? Then contact our advisers. We are happy to support you with the purchase of the correct crimp terminals and other fixation materials.

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