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Insulated crimp terminals

Are you looking for insulated crimp terminals? With insulated crimp terminals you ensure the highest safety for your cables, equipment and yourself. WKK supplies various insulated crimp terminals. You can think of: ring terminals, spade terminals, pin terminals, (heat shrink) butt connectors, heat shrink solder butt connectors, bullet disconnectors, spade connectors, piggyback connectors and blade connectors. These products are available in various sizes and are available from stock. Crimp terminals are ideal for applications where a high level of safety is required.

Material of connector

WKK has insulated crimp terminals in copper and brass. The correct material depends on your application. If you have any questions about the material of the connector, please contact one of our advisers.

Insulation material

Insulated crimp terminals can contain different insulation materials:

  • PVC
  • Nylon
  • Polyolefin

The insulation material depends on the type of crimp terminal you need. PVC is often used as an insulation material and protects against short circuits. Nylon as an insulation material provides extra protection (pull-out strength) because there are two shrinkages (one-off on the wire and one-off on the wire insulation). Polyolefin as an insulating material ensures a water- and moisture-tight seal. This insulation material is therefore ideal for applications where dust and/or moisture can endanger the connection.

Other crimp terminal types

In addition to insulated crimp terminals, WKK also supplies uninsulated crimp terminals. The difference between insulated and uninsulated crimp terminals is that uninsulated crimp terminals have a completely open connector. You choose uninsulated crimp terminals when there is no danger that the connection can be touched.

Crimp terminal accessories

Are you looking for a crimp tool for crimp terminals? Or do you need an extensive crimp terminal assortment? WKK has various practical accessories. We also supply quick splice connectors and fuseholders.

Tailored advice

Want to know more about crimp terminals? Then contact one of our advisers. We are happy to help you with purchasing the right products.

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