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Cable ties

Are you looking for cable ties (also called zip ties)? A cable tie (zip tie) provides an easy and safe solution to bundle cables or other objects. Our large and varied assortment includes many types, sizes and colors. As a result of long-term relationships with leading suppliers, you do not only benefit from the best quality, but also of competitive purchasing conditions.

Cable tie materials: from plastic to stainless steel

Plastic or Nylon is the most used material for cable ties. Depending on your application, you can order a plastic cable tie in various material qualities.

Polyamide 6.6 and Polyamide 6.6 heat resistant
Plastic zip ties in polyamide 6.6 (also called PA 66 or Nylon 66) offer you a high entry-level quality. PA 6.6 is characterized by a favourable product lifetime, heat resistance, electrical properties and price. If your application requires an improved flame retardance, then flame retardant PA 6.6 zip ties (also called heat resistant cable ties) are available for you. If you need a better heat resistance, then it is possible, within polyamide 6.6, to upgrade from an +85 degrees Celsius to an +120 degrees Celsius operating temperature.

Polyamide 4.6 heat resistant
Polyamide 4.6 (also called PA 46 or Nylon 46) is suitable for applications that require continuous exposure to extreme temperatures. Therefore, this material quality has a higher heat resistance than PA 6.6 (up to +150 degrees Celsius).

Polyamide 12
Choose polyamide 12 (also called PA 12 or Nylon 12) if you are looking for cable ties that must be UV resistant (for example for outdoor applications) and/or have a higher chemical resistance than PA 6.6. PA 12 cable ties are relatively insensitive to changing environmental influences and remain flexible in cold and dry conditions. These cable ties do have, however, a lower tensile strength than PA 6.6.

When you are looking for cable ties that need to be resistant to chemicals and/or can float on liquids, then choose polypropylene. Polypropylene offers a higher chemical resistance than PA 12. These cable ties are resistant to many acids, bases, solvents and bacteria.

Polyamide 6.6 and Polypropylene with metal pigments
WKK also supplies plastic cable ties with metal pigments. This special zip tie is suitable for industries where product contamination must be prevented. With this you can think of companies active in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Plastic zip ties with metal pigments are available in the material qualities polyamide 6.6 and polypropylene.

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE, Tefzel®)
Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (also called ETFE or Tefzel®) is suitable for applications involving chemicals (acids, bases and solvents), radiation and extremely high and low temperatures. These are the most advanced cable ties in WKK’s assortment.

Would you like to know more about material qualities? Please feel free to contact one of our advisers for more information.

Stainless steel cable ties
Do you need metal zip ties? WKK also sells stainless steel cable ties. These are suitable for extreme conditions. Stainless steel cable ties are often used in the offshore, shipbuilding and in power plants. We offer these zip ties in the stainless steel qualities: AISI 304 and AISI 316L. You also have the option of opting for a coating, if excellent protection of cables is required.

Why choose stainless steel cable ties?
Compared to plastic, you choose stainless steel if your application(s) demand higher durability, tensile strength and/or heat resistance. To make the right choice regarding the type of cable tie, please refer to the following flowchart.

Do you want to get everything out of your zip ties? Check out our cable tie accessories. From self adhesive cable tie mounts for plastic cable ties to cable tie installation tools; these accessories complete your user experience.

Tie closures and cable tie types

Cable ties are available in several closures and types:

Tie closures

  • Plastic closure with plastic locking barb
  • Plastic releasable closure with plastic locking barb
  • Plastic closure with stainless steel locking barb
  • Ball-lock stainless steel closure

Cable tie types

  • For universal use
  • Heat resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals, floats on liquids
  • Resistant to chemicals, radiation and extreme temperatures
  • UV resistant
  • Detectable
  • Releasable
  • Button head (for chassis)
  • Push mount
  • For air conditioners
  • With marker label
  • Screw mount


Choose from various brands: WKK, Ty-Rap®, Ty-Fast®

WKK offers zip ties of the brands WKK, Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast®. We can also supply your zip ties with a private label. All zip ties of the brands offered by us meet high quality requirements. Therefore, all of our products have recognized certifications. This means you know exactly what you can expect of each product.

WKK cable ties
The range of WKK cable ties consists of products for both commercial and industrial applications. Whatever your application, these cable ties allow you to bundle, guide and attach cables in an easy and reliable way.

Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast® cable ties
The most famous cable tie brand in the world is the Ty-Rap® brand. You can recognize these cable ties by the iconic plastic closure with stainless steel locking barb. In addition, you can also contact WKK for the well-known brand Ty-Fast®. Ty-Fast® cable ties are made entirely of plastic and have a plastic closure with plastic locking barb.

Cable ties with private label
A valued service from WKK is supplying cable ties with a private label. These allow you to enter one or more markets with your own brand. In the case of large amounts, providing this type of customization is no problem. For more information, please feel free to contact one of our advisers.

Experienced partner

As the largest importer and distributor of cable ties in Europe, WKK is an experienced partner. We have been supplying our customers with high quality zip ties since 1984. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in various sectors. Our range has been compiled on the basis of this acquired knowledge. Whatever market you are active in; WKK is happy to help you with advice, the right products and associated services.

Note: WKK only supplies to professionals (business-to-business) and not to private individuals.

Tailored advice

Which cable tie do you need? The answer to this question depends on your specific application.
What tensile strenth is required? Up to how many degrees Celsius must the cable tie be resistant? In what environment will the cable tie be used? Are there extreme conditions? Are chemicals used? The answers to these types of questions ultimately determine the choice of a specific cable tie.

Do you want to buy cable ties for resale to professionals or individuals? Our assortment seamlessly meets the market demands.

Do you need advice? Then contact our advisers. They are happy to help you.

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  1. A natural colored and a black plastic cable tie on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - For universal use

    Starting at € 0.62 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  2. A natural colored and a black Ty-Fast® cable tie on a white background.
    Ty-Fast® - Plastic cable ties - For universal use

    Starting at € 1.48 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  3. A white, a black, a red and a blue releasable cable tie on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - Releasable

    Starting at € 3.11 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  4. A natural colored and a black button head cable tie (for on a chassis), on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - Button head (chassis)

    Starting at € 17.27 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  5. Two natural colored and two black push mount cable ties, in two versions, on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - Push Mount

    Starting at € 2.71 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  6. Two natural colored and two black marker cable ties, in multiple versions, on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - With marker label

    Starting at € 4.70 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  7. Een zwarte en naturel gekleurde kabelbinder met bevestigingsoog op een witte achtergrond.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - Screw Mount

    Starting at € 2.20 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  8. A natural colored air conditioner tube cable tie on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - For air conditioners

    Starting at € 3.78 Excl. VAT (10 pcs.)

Products 1-24 of 39

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