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Detectable Cable Ties

Detectable cable ties, or cable ties with metal pigments, are mostly used in the food industry. But which properties make these cable ties ‘detectable’? And in which situations are they used?

What is a detectable cable tie?

Detectable cable ties are cable ties that, due to specific product properties, are easier to detect (through metal-, x-ray- or visual detection) than regular, non-detectable cable ties.

In the food, pharmaceutical, animal feed and chemical industry, it is of great importance that product contamination is prevented at all times. Cut ends of cable ties are unwanted and a potential risk – and should therefore be detectable. After detection, they can easily be removed from the production- or packing process. To detect this type of foreign objects, a number of checks are done during the process of producing and packaging food. These include both visual inspections, and checks using x-ray and metal detecting devices.

Detectable cable ties have two properties that make them detectable – we will explain these properties below!

Metal pigments
Detectable cable ties contain small metal pigments, which (during the production process) are mixed with the material polyamide 6.6 of which the cable ties are made. Due to these small pieces of metal, even the tiniest pieces of the cable tie can be detected using a metal detector.

Detectable cable ties have a matte, blue color. The color blue is used for these type of products, because the color blue is not very common in nature, and therefor in the food industry. This ensures that blue foreign objects, such as detectable cable ties, stand out.

Types of detectable cable ties
Next to detectable cable ties made of polyamide 6.6, WKK also offers detectable cable ties made of polypropylene. This material quality is resistant to chemicals en floats on liquids, enabling easier detection of the cable tie.

When do you use detectable cable ties?

Detectable cable ties are mostly used in, as mentioned before, the food industry. In addition to the production and packaging process, detectable cable ties can also be used in restaurants, the pharmaceutical industry and the animal feeding industry.

Detectable cable ties: WKK versus Ty-Rap®
We offer detectable cable ties of both the WKK and the Ty-Rap® brand. The most important difference is the price:


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