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Cable tie wall plugs

Are you looking for wall plugs for cable ties? WKK supplies wall plugs for zip ties up to 9 mm wide. With this handy cable tie wall plug you can reliably bundle cables, tubes or other objects and guide them on a wall.

Mounting of zip tie wall plugs

The mounting of the wall plugs speaks for itself. You fix the plug in a pre-drilled hole in the wall. You repeat this process until you have the complete intended route of the cables ready. You can then attach cable ties to the head of the plugs to bundle cables, tubes or other objects.

Check out our cable tie wall plugs for more information.

Want to order more cable tie accessories?

In addition to wall plugs, WKK also sells cable tie mounts, installation tools and a storage rack. Within the range of mounts you can choose from self adhesive cable tie mounts and saddle tie mounts with screw. The cable tie installation tools are available for applications for both plastic and stainless steel cable ties. A cable tie storage rack can be used at the workshop or as a display in a store.

Associated zip ties

To use wall plugs, you need zip ties. The range of cable ties that WKK offers, includes many types, sizes, colors, material qualities, types of closures and much more. This makes it easy to find a cable tie that is suitable for your desired application(s).

Experienced partner in fixation materials

WKK is an experienced partner in the field of fixation materials. We have been supplying high-quality cable ties and accessories since 1984. As a result, our company has, over the years, gained a lot of knowledge and experience in various industries. Thanks to this expertise, our advisors can support you with the choice of the right products for your specific applications. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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