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Cable tie guns

A cable tie gun is an essential tool for professionals who process many cable ties per day. It is the ideal tool for bundling cables, tubes or other objects in an ergonomic, simple and fast way. Moreover, a cable tie tool ensures that you can cut the cable tie to the desired size.

Zip tie gun: for plastic and stainless steel zip ties

When purchasing a zip tie gun, it is important to consider the zip tie material. WKK supplies zip tie installation guns for both plastic and stainless steel zip ties. This way you can be sure that you are purchasing the right zip tie gun.

The functions of a cable tie tool

A cable tie tool has the following functions:

  • Tightening a cable tie
  • Cutting a cable tie to size (both manually and automatically possible)
  • Faster and easier bundling of cable ties
  • It is an ergonomic solution when you process many cable ties per day
  • It prevents sharp and protruding cut ends

Highlighted tools

WKK supplies cable tie tools for uncoated stainless steel cable ties up to 7.96 mm wide, for coated stainless steel cable ties up to 12 mm wide and various guns for plastic cable ties from 3.6 to 9.0 mm wide. Some of these tools have an ergonomic design and cut the cable tie automatically.


Cable ties are an essential fastening product in many industries. Installation guns are, therefore, applicable and usable for professionals in a wide range of industries and markets. From the installation sector up to the electrical engineering industry.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of a cable tie gun for your business? Then contact us for more information.

Need more accessories for your zip ties?

Next to zip tie guns, WKK also offers other zip tie accessories. With this, you can think of cable tie mounts, wall plugs and a handy storage rack for cable ties. All these accessories ensure that you can make optimal use of your cable ties.

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