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Braided sleeving

Are you looking for braided sleeving for cables? WKK offers multiple braided sleeves. These offer strong and durable protection for cables and tubes. Our braided sleeves are made in Europe. Contact us for more information.


Why choose braided sleeving by WKK?

Braided sleeving is normally used for one of the following four applications:

  • Bundling of cables and tubes
  • Protection of cables and tubes
  • Preventing the cables from overheating
  • Marking

WKK delivers braided sleeving for professional use. Depending on your application, WKK delivers braided sleeving in multiple sizes. At WKK, you will always find the right braided sleeve for you application.


Braided Sleeving - Properties

Braided sleeving is resistant to temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +150 °C and have a melting point of +250 °C. WKK offers braided sleeving in multiple sizes. At WKK, you will always find the right type of braided sleeving, whether you need a diameter of 3mm, or 50mm. Our braided sleeving is made of Polyester PET and stretches in a 1:2 ratio.

Due to the braided structure, braided sleeving is self-extinguishing. Also, no condensation occurs on the sleeve and they are resistant to chemicals. The material Polyester PET is light, but very robust. In addition, Polyester PET is very flexible.

Braided sleeving can be expanded by pushing it from both sides of the sleeve. By doing so, the sleeve stretches and cables and tubes can be guided through the sleeve. When the pressure is released, the sleeve will return to its original diameter, securing the cables and/or tubes.


Private Label

At WKK, we sell braided sleeving under the WKK brand, but we also offer the possibility to provide the braided sleeving with your own private label.


Partner for braided sleeving

In addition to braided sleeving, you will also find heat shrink tubing and spiral wrapping band at WKK. Our braided sleeving is delivered from stock.

The sleeving is delivered in a handy box.


Need help?

Heeft u hulp nodig bij de keuze voor de juiste vlechtkous, of heeft u vragen? Neem dan contact op met ons verkoopteam. Zij helpen u graag verder!

Do you need help in choosing braided sleeving in the right size, or do you have other questions? Contact one of our advisors. They are happy to help.

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