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Cable tie mounts

Cable tie mounts are a convenient solution for securing and guiding cables, tubes and other objects. The cable tie mount can be attached by using a screw or by using a self adhesive strip. You can complete the guidance and bundling with the help of a cable tie.

The WKK zip tie mount range

WKK supplies self adhesive cable tie mounts and saddle tie mounts with screw for zip ties. Self adhesive cable tie mounts are used to bundle and guide cables under normal operating conditions. In heavier working conditions it is recommended to choose saddle tie mounts with screw. These can withstand higher loads. The advantage of self adhesive cable tie mounts is an increased flexibility in mounting compared to saddle tie mounts with screw.

Fixation clips with and without zip tie

In addition to cable tie mounts, WKK also supplies an extensive assortment of fixation clips. Within our range you can choose from various clips. These fixation clips are suitable for various profile thicknesses and hole diameters. Compared to cable tie mounts, fixation clips offer more flexibility when attaching and guiding cables and other objects.

Cable ties: from plastic to stainless steel

When purchasing cable tie mounts, you will also need zip ties. WKK's range includes plastic cable ties, detectable cable ties and stainless steel cable ties. These three types of zip ties are available in many types, sizes, colors and material qualities. This makes it easy to find the right cable tie for your desired application.

Other accessories for cable ties

Are you looking for even more cable tie accessories? You can contact WKK for cable tie installation tools, wall plugs and a convenient cable tie storage rack.

Need support?

Do you have questions? Or can we help you with selecting the right products? Our advisers are happy to help you to select the right cable tie mounts or other products from our assortment. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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