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Plastic cable ties with metal pigments

Are you looking for cable ties? And do you work in the food, pharmaceutical, animal feed or chemical industry? Then, of course, you want to prevent product contamination, such as cut ends of cable ties. You probably work with metal detection, X-ray detection and/or visual detection devices on a daily basis. With detectable cable ties you ensure optimal safety in the production process.

Which material quality: polyamide 6.6 or polypropylene?

Metal detectable zip ties are available in the material qualities polyamide 6.6 and polypropylene. Which quality standard is suitable for you depends on the circumstances in your production process.

Is it important that the zip ties are chemical resistant and/or can float on liquids? Then you choose detectable zip ties made of polypropylene. If price and/or tensile strength are more important than chemical resistance, then it is best to choose PA 6.6.

Unique production process

Metal particles are evenly mixed with the corresponding raw material (PA 6.6 or polypropylene). This makes it possible to detect small fragments of the cable ties. The density of the metal particles in the cable ties of WKK is higher than comparable products from other brands. This ensures the largest magnetic attraction.

Meets the European guidelines for HACCP

Our detectable zip ties meet the guidelines for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). These requirements, drawn up by the EU, are a preventive and planned approach to food safety. It preventively tackles physical, biological and chemical risks.

Striking color for optimal visual detection

The striking blue color makes an easy visual detection of the cable tie possible.

Free from halogens and silicones

The metal detectable cable ties in the WKK range are free from halogens and silicones.

Tie closures and types

Detectable cable ties are available with the following tie closures:

  • Plastic closure with plastic locking barb
  • Plastic closure with stainless steel locking barb

Furthermore, these cable ties are only available as a standard type. The other types: with marker label, screw mount, push mount, button head (for chassis) and releasable are not available as detectable cable tie.

Are you looking for a different material?

WKK also supplies plastic zip ties and stainless steel zip ties. Both material types have a range that is suitable for various basic and extreme applications. Plastic zip ties are less durable, strong and heat resistant than stainless steel zip ties. However, plastic zip ties meet the requirements for the most common applications in terms of tensile strength, heat resistance and product lifetime.

Need accessories for detectable cable ties?

Do you need accessories for your detectable cable ties? Then view our cable tie accessories. Here you will find our range of guns, wall plugs, mounts (adhesive or with screw) and storage racks.

Tailored advice

Would you like to know more about our detectable cable ties? Then contact one of our advisers. We are happy to help you answer all your questions.

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