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The #1 supplier of fixation materials

The WKK Group is a renowned international company in Europe that offers high-quality solutions for fixing, connecting, insulating, guiding and protecting cables or other objects. Our group consists of two divisions: Fixation materials and Automotive. Both divisions serve companies throughout Europe. The Fixation materials division has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland. The Automotive division operates from Germany and has a subsidiary in Shanghai to serve the Chinese market.

Division Fixation materials

WKK Nederland (also the head office) is part of the Fixation materials division and is an international importer and distributor specialized in the field of technical fixation materials for various industries. Cable ties (also known as zip ties), heat shrink tubing and cable glands are our main product groups. In addition, we can also provide wholesalers and professionals with crimp terminals, bootlace ferrules, fixation clips and other fixation materials. Every day, more than 100 employees ensure that our customers in Europe receive tailored advice, high-quality products and excellent service.

Europe's largest importer and distributor of cable ties (including the brands Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast®)

Since the foundation in 1984, WKK has been working with a successful purchasing strategy for cable ties. By ordering large quantities of high-quality cable ties from selected, long-standing suppliers on a weekly basis, WKK has grown to become Europe’s largest importer and distributor of cable ties. This means that we can supply almost all different types of cable ties at the most favorable conditions.

Did you know that WKK is an official distributor of ABB Wire and Cable Management and that we can also provide you with cable ties from the world famous brands Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast®?

WKK employee talks to customer about cable ties

European importer and distributor of Hongshang heat shrink tubing and accessories

Since 2010, WKK has been an authorized importer and distributor of heat shrink tubing and accessories of the Asian quality brand Hongshang. This gives us the opportunity to provide customers throughout Europe with a wide and deep range of heat shrinkable products such as thin-wall, medium-wall and heavy-wall heat shrink tubing, cable end caps, cable breakouts and cable feed throughs. In short, our heat shrinkable products offer you a solution for a wide variety of applications.

Official distributor of Jacob cable glands and accessories

The main purpose of cable glands is to ensure a safe cable entry. WKK offers cable glands and accessories from the company Jacob, one of the largest cable gland specialists in the world. Our standard range of glands and accessories consists of: plastic / brass / stainless steel / spiral top / EMC and Ex cable glands, locknuts, screw plugs, enlargers, reductions and many other products. Of course, the majority of these products are available in the well-known thread types Metric and Pg, and are available in multiple colors. In addition to our standard range of cable glands and accessories, we can also supply all other Jacob products.

Division Automotive

Our Automotive division operates from Germany under the name WKK Automotive and has a subsidiary in Shanghai to serve the Chinese market. WKK Automotive has its own production facility for developing and producing plastic fixation clips for the automotive industry and other markets, such as the solar market. Our fixation clips are used for the responsible fixation and guidance of cables in vehicles and on profiles. Through our Automotive division we offer you an extensive range of fixation clips such as edge clips (also for corrugated tubing), clips with fir tree or with arrowhead and solar clips that are suitable for various profile thicknesses and hole diameters. We also offer you the possibility to have clips custom made to meet your specific requirements.

In recent years, WKK Automotive has become a familiar name in the automotive industry. For example, almost all car manufacturers, including Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Tesla, use WKK Automotive fixation clips in the vehicles they produce.

WKK Automotive employee who develops a fixation clip


Supply to wholesalers and professionals

WKK only supplies to companies in Europe (and therefore not to private individuals). Our products and services are sold to wholesalers and professionals/end users in over 15 industries. From the electrical engineering and installation industry to the automotive and energy sector (wind and solar). Our decades of experience have ensured a reliable and carefully built reputation in many industries. WKK employee who prepares products for shipment to a customer