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The history of cable ties and why we use the term Ty-Rap®

The history of cable ties and why we use the term Ty-Rap®

Posted on 26 April 2021

Cable ties, zip ties or Ty-Raps®; all terms that are used for the same flexible nylon fixation product. We currently see the product being used in all kind of applications, from offshore projects to temporary festival terrains. But how was this product introduced into our lives?

How it all started

The cable tie is linked to a man called Maurus C. Logan who was working for Thomas & Betts, an electrical company in the United States. In 1958 he introduced this great invention, naming it the Ty-Rap®. Initially, the Ty-Rap® was intended to help out aircraft workers. They manually had to bundle and tie wax coated cords around big cable bundles when Logan thought, there has to be a better way. When they were first produced, the cable tie consisted of two parts: a plastic mould and a metal component. However, due to inefficiency and hight costs the product was soon improved to a cheaper alternative where the cable tie consisted of only nylon. A lot like the cable tie we know today.


The original brand name of the cable tie is Ty-Rap®. Because Thomas & Betts (now part of the ABB Group) were the ones to invent the product, the branded name is still widely used. Next to the popular Ty-Rap®, Thomas & Betts also added the Ty-Fast® to their assortment. Both types of cable ties can be purchased at WKK.

Great collaborations

Since 2017 WKK is official distributor of Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast®. That results in a some advantages:

- Delivery of, among others, Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast® can take place fast and easy. WKK always has ABB products in stock.
- Is the desired product out of stock? WKK will ensure that you receive them quickly through years of cooperation with ABB.
- Take advantage of the purchasing benefits by ordering through WKK. Looking for other fasteners? You have come to the right place at WKK for that too.

WKK now offers a special price for the Ty-rap® multi-color packs, ideal for all kinds of applications. These multi-color packs allow you to purchase different color cable ties in relatively small quantities. Great for labelling or sealing. We can offer a great quantity discount:

- 10% discount on 50 bags
- 15% discount on 100 bags
- 20% discount on 500 bags

Get in touch for more information or a quotation. We also invite you to read more about WKK and ABB here.