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Cable tie wall plugs: how and for what applications are they used? | WKK

Cable tie wall plugs: how and for what applications are they used?

Posted on 15 June 2022

Cables can be guided along surfaces using a range of guiding accessories that make use of cable ties. These include cable tie mounts with or without adhesive, but a lesser known type are cable tie wall plugs. How are they used? And for which purposes? What are the properties of cable tie wall plugs? Read it in this blog!

Cable tie wall plugs - properties

Wall plugs for cable ties are, just like most types of cable ties, made of the plastic Polyamide 6.6. Therefore, they have an operating temperature ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C. Our wall plugs can be used with cable ties with a maximum width of 9 millimetres.

For which applications are cable tie wall plugs used?

Wall plugs for cable ties are used to guide cables, tubes and cable bundles along surfaces, such as a wall. By mounting the wall plugs on a wall and guiding the cable(bundle) along the plugs, the cable(bundle) can easily be attached to and guided along the wall.

How do you use cable tie wall plugs?

Wall plugs for cable ties function in the same way a ‘regular’ wall plugs:

  1. Drill a hole in the wall, in which the plug will be placed. The wall plug has a diameter of 9,5 millimetres.
  2. Place the wall plug in the drill hole and make sure that the plug fits tightly into the wall.
  3. Guide a cable tie through the head of the cable tie wall plug, but do not yet close the cable tie.
  4. Guide the cable(bundle) or tube along the wall, and fixate the tube or cables by closing the cable ties around the tube / cables. Then, make sure the cable ties fit tightly by pulling the loose end.

When the steps mentioned above have been followed correctly, then the wall plug should fit tightly in the wall, and the cable ties should ensure a strong fixation for the guided cables or tube(s).

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