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The WKK recycle program - Read how we assist customer FE LENN in its sustainability ambition

The WKK recycle program - Read how we assist customer FE LENN in its sustainability ambition

Posted on 8 January 2024

Ronald has been working as a Sales Manager at FE LENN for over 3 years, located in Delft but operating nationwide. In his role, he engage with various event organizations.

What do you observe regarding sustainability trends in the market?

There is a trend towards making events more environmentally friendly. This is particularly noticeable on the visitor side, as measurable results can be achieved there first. Visitors encounter immediate changes when it comes to eating and drinking at events: cups with deposits, PVC-free plates and cutlery, and healthier food options are clear improvements compared to previous years.

While there is a desire for ‘greener’ event decoration, it is not yet widely implemented. We strive to use and remove printed materials in a sustainable way as much as possible. However, this is challenging as green base materials are generally more expensive. Event decoration is often a low priority in budgets, so the feasibility of using more sustainable materials depends on available funds.

Some events store printed materials for reuse the following year, but this is still a minority, partly due to constraints such as dates and sponsors.

A company car of LENN at an event site

How does sustainability play a role within your organization?

Events are inherently polluting. We extensively use fabrics and panels with logos and artwork that are often discarded after a few days, even though their lifespan is far from over.

To address this, we focus on managing waste in the best possible way. All returned printed materials are separated and disposed of through the appropriate channels. Recently, we started processing Frontlit PVC banners, hung with WKK cable ties, into new printable panels. PVC Forex panels are ground into granules, which are used to create new products. Each material has it own waste stream, including cable ties.

This brings us to the WKK Recycle program. What has been your experience so far?

Very positive! In the past, used ties were simply thrown into containers, but this year we started collecting them. We purchased white cement bins specifically for used cable ties, labeled to indicate their purpose.

It took our Eventsigners a while to get used to it, but now it works excellently. During setup, we cut ties to the closure, and the remnants are neatly collected in these bins. During teardown, we cut the this again, collecting them separately from other waste. In the workshop, there are stored and, at regular intervals, we send a pallet to Tilburg, where WKK’s headquarters is located.

I estimate that currently, we return approximately between 85% and 95% of our cable ties. For our largest project, the Grand Prix in Zandvoort, we use 400,000 cable ties every year. Throughout the year, we collect between 1.5 and 2 million cable ties.

A white container with a sticker

It’s great that you’ve had a positive experience. Why should more companies consider recycling their used cable ties?

We might be unique in how we use cable ties compared to construction and electrical companies that are also your customers. Nevertheless, it is crucial, no matter how small the contribution. WKK provides us with a straightforward way to contribute on a small scale to sustainable waste management. These stepts also raise awareness among users. The implementation has made our Eventsigners more conscious of the processing of all other materials. These are small steps with ultimately significant results.

Would you like to join the WKK Recycle program? Learn more on our WKK Cares page or contact us at info@wkk.nl or 013 571 21 71.

Watch our video for more information on our WKK Recycling Program for cable ties and how our customer LENN benefits from it: