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Chemical industry

In the chemical industry you have to deal with extreme environmental influences. In the field of cable management it is therefore very important that the products are resistant to these influences. WKK supplies various solutions in the field of fixing, connecting, insulating, guiding and protecting cables and other objects. Examples of our solutions include cable ties and heat shrink tubing that are resistant to chemicals.

Why WKK?

We would like to make the purchase and use of your fixation materials as efficient as possible. From extensive article information to supplying the right durable, easy to assemble and robust products for your sector.

Do you want to know more about our benefits? Check out our webpage: Why WKK? 

We focus on:

  • Supply of chemical resistant articles
  • Delivery of products resistant to radiation and/or extreme temperatures
  • Delivery of products that are reliable, quick to assemble and durable

Polypropylene cable ties for the chemical industry


WKK is an ISO 9001 certified company. We spend a lot of time on quality control and improvement of our products, services and employees. This will remain a very important part of our organization in the future. This allows us to structurally improve our business performance, but above all to meet
(or even exceed) the expectations of you as a customer.

For the specific certification(s) of our products, we refer you to the product pages. On these pages you will find exactly per product which requirements the product meets.