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WKK Automotive mounting clips

In 2009 WKK set up its own subsidiary: WKK Automotive. Since then WKK has its own production facility for developing and producing plastic mounting clips, that are often used in the automotive industry and other markets, such as the solar market. The mounting clips are marketed under the brand name WKK Automotive and are used for the secure and reliable fixation and guidance of cables in vehicles and on profiles.

In recent years, the WKK Automotive brand name has become a household name in the automotive industry. For example, almost all car manufacturers, including Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Tesla, use WKK Automotive mounting clips in the vehicles they produce.


Features of WKK Automotive fixation clips

WKK Automotive fixation clips consist of a plastic clip, a metal clamp and, depending on the type of clip, a cable tie. The plastic clip is made of a special polyamide 6.6 that is impact, heat and weather resistant. This also applies to the cable tie. The metal clamp in the fixation clip is made of spring steel and has a hardened surface. This surface meets the highest requirements for corrosion protection. In short, WKK Automotive fixation clips are made of high quality materials that meet the strictest requirements.

Connector clip that is mounted in profile


Our assortment

WKK offers you an extensive range of (automotive) connector clips for various applications. It is also possible to have connector clips custom made to meet your specific requirements. Our standard range of connector clips consists of:

  • Edge clips
  • Edge clips for currugated tubing
  • Clips with fir tree and with arrowhead
  • Solar clips

There are fixation clips available for various profile thicknesses, inner dimensions of corrugated tubing, hole diameters and plate thicknesses. The fixation clips offer various mounting options for attaching cables, wires and tubes.

Tailored advice

Are you not sure which mounting clip(s) are suitable for your application(s) or do you want to receive more information? Please do not hesitate to contact our advisors. We are happy to help you with selecting the right WKK Automotive mounting clip(s).

WKK Automotive mounting clips specially selected for you
  1. A black KC1 'edge clip' fixation clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Edge clips

    Starting at € 53.62 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  2. A black KC22 edge clip for corrugated tubing with the plastic clip in right angle on top of the clip, on a white background. The plastic clip has been opened.
    WKK - Edge clips for corrugated tubing

    Starting at € 47.06 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  3. Two black LFC 6 clips with arrowhead, of which one with a cable guided through the clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Clips with fir tree & with arrowhead

    Starting at € 18.38 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  4. A black SC1 solar clip on a white background.
    WKK - Solar clips

    Starting at € 94.49 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)