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Ty-Rap® cable ties: for demanding applications

Since 2017, WKK is an official partner of ABB Wire and Cable Management. This makes WKK a distributor of the world famous brand Ty-Rap®:
a type of cable tie (also called zip tie) that has become the generic name for ‘cable ties’.

The Ty-Rap® cable tie was invented to solve the problem of harnessing hundreds of wires used in aircraft manufacturing and revolutionized the fastening world. Today, the Ty-Rap® brand is the benchmark for excellence and innovation in cable management.

The iconic Ty-Rap® cable tie brand offers you the ultimate solution for bundling and securing cables and wires under demanding conditions. You can recognize cable ties of the brand Ty-Rap® by the stainless steel locking mechanism inside the head of the cable tie. This provides one of the strongest, most durable and most reliable fixings available on the market.

Features of Ty-Rap® zip ties

Ty-Rap® zip ties have rounded edges on the head and the strap. This prevents sharp edges and therefore cable damage. Ty-Rap® zip ties have been designed in such a way that the product offers optimal protection and prevents injuries.

The strap of the zip tie is smooth and has no notches. The low profile of the head allows you to bundle zip ties in tight places.

The anti-magnetic stainless steel (type 316) locking mechanism inside the head ensures a strong, reliable and durable fastening of the zip tie in demanding environments.

The products have a ribbed and dotted surface. This prevents the zip tie from sliding around and along the cable bundle due to vibration or shocks.
Ty-Rap® zip ties also feature a non-slip, angled tail (turned up). This stimulates convenience and speed during assembly.


Our assortment

WKK supplies cable ties of the Ty-Rap® brand in many types, sizes and colors. The choice for the right product depends on your specific application(s).
As an official partner of ABB, we are able to offer these high-quality cable ties at favourable conditions.

WKK employee with cable ties of the brand Ty-Rap®

Quality classes of material

Ty-Rap® cable ties are made of plastic and are available in the materials:

  • Polyamide 6.6
  • Polyamide 6.6 with metal pigments
  • Polyamide 12
  • Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene with metal pigments
  • Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)

Every material quality class has advantages and disadvantages. The right choice depends on your wishes in terms of UV resistance, heat resistance, detectability, or whether the cable ties must be resistant to chemicals and/or radiation, etc. Please contact one of our advisors for more information.

WKK also supplies detectable cable ties of the Ty-Rap® brand. These are made of plastic with metal pigments (polyamide 6.6 with metal pigments). Detectable cable ties are suitable for applications where product contamination must be prevented in production processes. You can think of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, animal feedingstuffs and chemical industry.

Special packaging

Are you looking for special packaging? In addition to the usual bags, a number of articles are also available in euro-slot bags and in workbench boxes.

Ty-Rap® cable tie installation tools

In addition to Ty-Rap® cable ties of ABB, WKK also supplies two different Ty-Rap® installation tools for plastic cable ties. One cable tie tool is suitable for plastic cable ties up to 4,8 mm wide. The other tool is intended for plastic cable ties from 4,8 up to 7,6 mm wide. Both cable tie installation tools are ergonomic and have been developed specially for professionals who process many cable ties on a daily basis.


Ty-Rap® zip ties have one or more recognized approvals, including: UL, Lloyd's, CSA, and ABS.


Tailored advice

Are you not sure which zip ties are suitable for your intended application(s)? Please contact our advisors. We are happy to help you to select the right
Ty-Rap® zip ties.