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Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast® cable ties from ABB Wire and Cable Management

Since 2017, WKK is an official partner of ABB Wire and Cable Management. Thanks to the collaboration with ABB, WKK has further strengthened its position as an important player in the field of cable ties and accessories and has further expanded its product portfolio. As a result of this collaboration, WKK has become an official distributor of the world famous cable tie brands Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast®. These leading brands are known for their wide range of innovative solutions in bundling, tying and guiding wires and cables. Both cable tie brands offer a wide and deep range of articles suitable for demanding conditions and make the work of professional users easier.



ABB is a pioneering, technological market leader in, among others, low and medium voltage products. Ground-breaking was the 'Ty-Rap®', developed in 1958 by Thomas & Betts (now part of the ABB Group): a brand name of a zip tie type that has become the generic name for 'zip ties'.



Ty-Rap® is one of the best high-quality cable tie brands in the world for professionals. You can recognize the brand by the unique stainless steel locking mechanism inside the head of the cable tie. This type of locking mechanism provides one of the strongest, most durable and most reliable fixings available on the market.

Ty-Rap® cable ties


Ty-Fast® zip ties are zip ties made entirely of plastic. Unlike Ty-Rap® zip ties, Ty-Fast® zip ties do not have a stainless steel locking mechanism in the head of the zip tie. The head of Ty-Fast® zip ties is also completely made of Polyamide 6.6. Ty-Fast® zip ties are known in the market as a high quality and attractive option for many types of applications.

Ty-Fast® cable ties

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Would you like to get more information about the cooperation between WKK and ABB Wire and Cable Management? Or do you want more information about Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast® cable ties? Please contact our advisors. We are happy to help you.