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Since 2010, WKK has been an authorized importer and distributor of heat shrink tubing and accessories from the Asian quality brand Hongshang: one of the leading players in the world in the field of heat shrinkable products. Hongshang was founded in 1994 and is one of the few manufacturers capable of supplying a full range of heat shrinkable products, including thin-wall heat shrink tubing, medium-wall heat shrink tubing, heavy-wall heat shrink tubing, medium-wall busbar insulation tubing, heavy-wall busbar insulation tubing, fiber optic splice protectors and heat shrinkable moulded parts. Hongshang produces articles for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage applications. These articles are often used in the energy sector, electrical engineering, telecommunications, automotive, shipbuilding and other large industries. Hongshang exports its heat shrinkable products worldwide to more than 60 countries and regions, with WKK as a partner for serving the European market.

Our assortment

WKK supplies Hongshang heat shrink tubing (including assortments, mini boxes and a display). We also sell fiber optic splice protectors and heat shrinkable moulded parts.

  • Thin-wall heat shrink tubing
  • Medium-wall heat shrink tubing
  • Heavy-wall heat shrink tubing
  • Medium-wall busbar insulation tubing
  • Heavy-wall busbar insulation tubing

Within these versions we offer different types of heat shrink tubing that differ from each other based on, among other things, the following properties:

  • Shrink ratio
  • Flammability
  • Operating temperature
  • Minimum shrink temperature
  • Minimum full recovery temperature
  • Inside diameter in mm
  • Longitudinal change
  • Material
  • Resistance (think of UV, chemicals, water/moisture)
  • Approvals
  • Color
  • Length

WKK employee talking with customer about Hongshang heat shrink tubing

Featured: heat shrink tubing with print and heat shrink tubing in pre-cut lengths

WKK has its own equipment for printing on heat shrink tubing. This allows us to provide your heat shrink tubing with the logo of your company or brand, if desired in combination with text. This applies to almost all types, sizes and colors of heat shrink tubing. The printing can be done in the color black or white. We also offer heat shrink tubing with a water-resistant print.

In addition to heat shrink tubing with print, WKK also offers heat shrink tubing in pre-cut lengths. On request, WKK can cut heat shrink tubing pieces from a reel or a standard bar length (usually 1 or 1.20 meter) in the desired lengths and quantities. This applies to almost all types and sizes of heat shrink tubing.

Of course it is also possible to provide pre-cut length pieces of heat shrink tubing with a customized print.

Tailored advice

WKK is an experienced importer and distributor of heat shrink tubing and accessories. As a complete partner, we offer you more than just heat shrinkable products. Our advisors are happy to help you to select the right Hongshang products for your intended application(s).