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WKK Fixation Materials

WKK is a renowned international importer and distributor specialized in the field of fixation materials. We bring a large part of our wide and deep range of fixation materials to the European market under our own brand name ‘WKK Fixation Materials’. With fixation materials, you can think of cable ties / zip ties that we order from several, carefully selected, suppliers. But you can also think of heat shrink tubing, crimp terminals, bootlace ferrules and other fixation materials such as corrugated tubing and various tapes.

By purchasing high-quality fixation materials from carefully selected suppliers, WKK has built up a strong and reliable reputation in Europe with more than 35 years of experience. This reputation is evidenced by the fact that we are able to supply our fixation materials, under the brand name ‘WKK Fixation Materials’, in almost all European countries to renowned wholesalers and end users.


Our range of other brands

In addition to our own brand ‘WKK Fixation Materials’, WKK offers a number of other renowned brands. The product group cable ties also includes the world-famous Ty-Rap® and Ty-Fast® brands. Ty-Rap® cable ties can be recognized by the unique stainless steel locking mechanism inside the head of the cable tie. Ty-Fast® cable ties are cable ties made entirely of plastic. For the product group cable glands, we supply cable glands and accessories from the German brand Jacob: one of the largest cable gland specialists in the world.

WKK employees with WKK Fixation Materials


Tailored advice

Are you not sure which fixation materials offer the right solution for your intended application(s) or would you like to receive more information about ‘WKK Fixation Materials’ products? Please contact our advisors. We would like to think along with you and we almost always have a fixation product that meets your needs.

WKK Fixation Materials specially selected for you
  1. A natural colored and a black plastic cable tie on a white background.
    WKK - Plastic cable ties - For universal use

    Starting at € 0.62 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  2. Veertien geïsoleerde, enkelvoudige adereindhulzen, in verschillende kleuren, op een witte achtergrond.
    WKK - Insulated bootlace ferrules - Singular

    Starting at € 7.28 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  3. Negen geïsoleerde adereindhulzen, TWIN, in verschillende kleuren, op een witte achtergrond.
    WKK - Insulated bootlace ferrules - TWIN

    Starting at € 16.18 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  4. A black KC1 'edge clip' fixation clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Edge clips

    Starting at € 53.62 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  5. Two black LFC 6 clips with arrowhead, of which one with a cable guided through the clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Clips with fir tree & with arrowhead

    Starting at € 18.38 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)