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Solar industry

The solar industry is growing rapidly and is becoming increasingly important as everyone is becoming more and more aware of the importance of renewable energy worldwide. The solar industry is constantly evolving and is always looking for new ways to make the installation and maintenance of solar panels more efficient and cheaper. For example, WKK also thinks about ways to simplify the installation of solar panels.

WKK supplies high-quality fixation clips and cable ties. These products make it easier and safer to attach, connect, guide and protect solar panel cables. Fixation clips save time in the field of cable management for solar panels. The clips are quick and easy to assemble without the use of tools. Our clips are made of plastic (polyamide 6.6 HS) and are impact resistant, heat & weather resistant and robust.

Why WKK?

We are happy to support you in purchasing the right materials for your sector. Robust, durable, easy to (dis)assemble products reduce the risk of defects and save you money and valuable time. We make the process as efficient as possible. This also includes finding and selecting the right products and realizing smart and fast logistics solutions. For all our benefits, view the page: why WKK?

We focus on:

  • Clips that are ideal for fixing cables, wires and pipes to a profile
  • Achieving higher efficiency
  • Realizing a (structural) cost saving on your fixation materials

Solar clip on cable


Our subsidiary WKK Automotive has its own production facility for the development and production of high-quality fixation clips. The clips are made of plastic (polyamide 6.6 heat-resistant, weather-resistant and impact-resistant). You can expect the items to have good impact resistance, heat resistance and tensile strength (if cable ties are included). If desired, we can also have custom clips developed that meet your specific requirements.


Safety and quality are important points for the solar industry. This fits in seamlessly with WKK's quality policy. For example, we are ISO9001 certified. Our organization is continuously improving and monitoring the quality of our products and services. With this approach we ensure that we meet the expectations of you as a customer and we try to exceed them.


Our recommendations for the solar industry
  1. A black KC1 'edge clip' fixation clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Edge clips

    Starting at € 53.62 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  2. A black KC22 edge clip for corrugated tubing with the plastic clip in right angle on top of the clip, on a white background. The plastic clip has been opened.
    WKK - Edge clips for corrugated tubing

    Starting at € 47.06 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  3. Two black LFC 6 clips with arrowhead, of which one with a cable guided through the clip, on a white background.
    WKK - Clips with fir tree & with arrowhead

    Starting at € 18.38 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)

  4. A black SC1 solar clip on a white background.
    WKK - Solar clips

    Starting at € 94.49 Excl. VAT (100 pcs.)