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Cookie policy

This cookie statement was last modified on: 01-03-2021

WKK uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies on this webshop.

Cookies are small files that a webshop/website places on your computer, smartphone or tablet during your visit to the webshop/website. Information is stored in these files and can be recognized by the webshop/website during a later visit.

In addition to necessary cookies, WKK uses functional cookies. We do this to ensure that our webshop works properly and to make it easy to use our webshop. You can think of, for example, remembering which products you have placed in your shopping cart and remembering your login details during your visit to our webshop.

WKK also uses analytical cookies. Analytical cookies measure webshop visits, with which WKK as the owner can improve its webshop. Think of the number of visitors, the most visited pages and which buttons are clicked on within our webshop. We use Google Analytics for this. The information that Google collects in this way is anonymised as much as possible.

Finally, WKK uses tracking cookies. Tracking cookies follow the visit to the webshop in order to build up a profile of webshop visitors. This allows us to tailor our webshop to your wishes and to show personalized advertisements. All this data is processed completely anonymously according to the guidelines as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

WKK uses the following cookies on this webshop:

Name Issued by Goal Lifespan Type
__zlcid Zendesk Saves the chat ID. Persistent  
__zlcmid Zendesk Saves user statuses with regards to page visits. 1 year HTTP Cookie
__zlcstore Zendesk This cookie is necessary for the chat function on our webshop – it saves information with regards to the status of the chat. Persistent HTML Local Storage
_fbp Google Tag Manager Used by Facebook to deliver advertising services, such as realtime bidding, for external advertisers. 3 months HTTP Cookie
_ga Google Tag Manager Registers a unique ID, used to generate statistical information with regards to how the user uses our webshop. 2 years HTTP Cookie
_gat_UA-43125218-1 Google Analytics This cookie is placed by Google Analytics. We used Google Analytics to analyse the use of our webshop by its users. With this information, we can continually improve our shop. Browser session  
_gid Google Tag Manager Registers a unique ID that’s used to generate statistical information with regards to how a user uses our webshop. 1 day HTTP Cookie
_hji Hotjar This cookie is used to distinguish different users in Hotjar (using a random user ID).    
_hjTLDTest Google Tag Manager This cookie is used by Google to determine our SEO ranking. This cookie is part of an external statistics- and analysisservice. 1 session HTTP Cookie
_li_id.745d Leadinfo This is a firstparty cookie to determine if you are visiting our webshop for the first time, or if you visited the webshop before. 1 session  
_li_ses.745d Leadinfo This is a firstparty cookie to determine which pages have been viewed during a session. 30 minutes  
_uetsid Bing This cookie is used by Bing to determine which advertisement should be shown, by looking at what is relevant to you as a user. 9 months  
_uetvid Google Tag Manager Pending 16 days HTML Local Storage
Zte2095 Zendesk This cookie is necessary for the chat function on our webshop. 1 session  

On your first visit, we ask your permission for the placing of cookies. Have you given permission, but do you want to delete the saved settings? You can read how to do this on the following website: https://www.pcworld.com/article/242939/how-to-delete-cookies.html

All questions or comments about our privacy policy and the way in which we collect and store data, requests to send or change your personal data, can be directed to:

WKK Nederland B.V.
Polluxstraat 53
5047 RA Tilburg
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31(0)13 571 21 71
E-mail: sales@wkk-europe.com
Website: www.wkk-europe.com

Marcel van den Dungen is the Data Protection Officer of WKK. He can be contacted via Marcel.vandenDungen@wkk.nl