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How do you use screw mount cable ties?

How do you use screw mount cable ties?

Posted on 29 April 2022

Cable ties are mainly used to bundle cables, but not to keep this bundle in a certain place or position. A few types of cable ties are the exception, such as button head and push mount cable ties. Screw mount cable ties are also such an exception. Using the mounting hole, the cable tie can be attached to, for example, a wall or other surface. Read more about this type of cable tie in this blog!

Properties of screw mount cable ties
Screw mount cable ties are available in two colours: black and natural. The black version is uv-resistant. These plastic cable ties are made of the material polyamide 6.6 and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 up to +85 °C. Also, these cable ties are halogen free, silicone free and they meet the standards set by Lloyd’s and UL. Concluding, they also meet the UL 94 V-2 flammability class.

How do you use screw mount cable ties?
A screw mount cable tie is very easy in use. First, mark where on the surface the cable bundle should be running, and drill holes in the wall / surface at regular intervals. Then, place the mounting hole of the cable tie on the drilled holes, and attach the cable tie to the surface using a screw. Guide the cable bundle along the various cable ties that you have attached to surface, and fixated the bundle with the cable ties. You close the cable ties in the same way as regular cable ties: by guiding the end of the cable tie, in a loop, through the head of the cable tie. Finally, pull to cable tie end, so that the cable tie fits tightly around the bundle.

If you follow the steps above for every hole that you have drilled in the wall, your bundle should be fixed tightly on the wall.

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