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Use of braided sleeving

Use of braided sleeving

Posted on 28 July 2022

Braided sleeving comes in a variety of sizes and lengths. You can read about how braided sleeving is used here. What are the advantages of braided sleeving? Find out more in this blog!

For which applications is braided sleeving suitable?

Braided sleeving offers good and durable protection for cables and hoses. They are resistant to temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +150 °C with a melting point of +250 °C. Braided sleeving is available in 12 sizes (diameter) from 3mm to 50mm.

Braided sleeving is mainly used to protect and bundle cables and wires and to prevent heat build-up.

What are the advantages of braided sleeving?

Braided sleeving is used in various industries due to its combination of flexibility and strength. They are flexible, and can therefore also be laid in narrow and impassable places. Another advantage is the high abrasion resistance, which means that they can be installed in systems without any problems.

How is braided sleeving used?

Braided sleeving can be attached and removed with a flick of the wrist. When delivered, braided sleeving is ‘collapsed’. By applying slight pressure from both sides, the hose is stretched and the diameter increases. This makes it easy to pull the cables through the sleeve. Once the cables are pulled through, the pressure can be released and the braided sleeve retracts to its original diameter - the cables are now protected and bundled.

If repairs or disassembly are necessary, the braided sleeve can always be pushed open.

Do you need personal advice? Then contact one of our consultants. We will be happy to help you choose the right type of braided sleeving.